How to promote TikTok

How to promote TikTok

TikTok divided the world into two parts. Some say that this is a stupid social network for schoolchildren, while others stick to videos with dances and pranks for hours. But there is also a third category — brands that use TikTok marketing for promotion. How can you become “your own” among the audience of this multimillion social network? Let’s cover it in our TikTok for Brands guide.


We watch the video in all social networks, for example, on Instagram. But, having appeared on the App Store and Google Play two years ago, TikTok quickly overtook the competition. What are its chips?

The main screen of the app is a smart recommendation feed. The user does not need to search for interesting pages or subscribe to accounts to watch their videos. Based on searches, likes and other reactions, the application itself selects the content that you like. 90% of video views come from recommendations, not subscribers.

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Viruses, political protests, instability in the world … People are tired of the content that loads them. And TikTok has become an island of rest, where you can get stuck for an hour after school or work.
Like other social networks, which were originally created only for entertainment, TikTok is gradually transforming and becoming a serious platform for brand advertising.

How to promote a brand profile on TikTok


Yes, if:

services can be visualized (i.e. shown on video);
the brand does not have strict restrictions on tone of voice;
you can convey the value of the product in 15 seconds;
at least one segment of the target audience — people under 25.
Let us dwell on the last point in more detail. Yes, 43% of TikTok users are teenagers under 18. But there are many areas of business working for this audience. For example, clothing brands, online courses, beverage manufacturers. And young people under 18 have money, because many of them work part-time or receive it from their parents. And schoolchildren often tell the older generation which smartphone to buy, where to go to rest. That is, even if they do not shop, they are indirectly influenced. But time does not stand still: in a couple of years, the students will grow up, and if you have already interacted with them on TikTok, then you will not have to re-win their trust.

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